Papua New Guinea


Papua New Guinea is one of the unique countries which located between side of Indonesia and up of Australia. It is a progress country, after the decision to become an independent country Papua New Guinea presently has become one of the states that considers as tourism object. Papua New Guinea offers a natural side of beaches, forest, hills, and active mountains.

The object of vacations lets the traveler enjoy the beautiful landscape despite the friendly people of Papua New Guinea. In addition, this country has original tribes of Papua New Guinea (local people). Those who like adventure, trekking and hiking will get much interest with spending their holidays in here, as most of the places here give them amazing experience.

Habitually, the travel agencies will recommend you to visit some places which are representing as the soul of Papua New Guinea. There is some holiday-packet’s place that becomes the most wanted places by the travelers of vacationers: Object of Conservation, Kokoda Track, and Holiday Trekking. That objects give real journey, also offer to support the local and the surroundings. The support from government to make Papua New Guinea as holiday destination also become one of purpose to keep the natural aspect of this country


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  1. Karen Double Says:

    I needed an image of the New Guinea flag to use for a going away party for some New Guinea students who have studied at our Bible school in Point Pleasant, West Virginia in the USA. They have finished and are ready to go back to New Guinea with their families. They have been here for several years, and we have grown to love them. We will miss them when they are gone. Thank you for the image of the flag. I used it in a previous going away party and they wanted to take the place mats I made back to their country. Also, that party was made special for them because New Guinea was celebrating their independence day while we were having the party. I also had a recording of an orchestra playing their national anthem. It was nice. Thank you for posting the New Guinea flag.

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